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 Medium article series (sponsored by Omidyar Network):


-- Article One (the systemic challenges) (June 2020):


-- Article Two (fiduciary roots of empowerment) (July 2020):


-- Article Three (digital fiduciaries and Personal AIs) (August 2020):


-- Article Four (Dr. John Snow and health data trusts) (September 2020):


-- Article Five (Sidewalk Labs in Toronto and digital communities) (October 2020):


-- Article Six (digital lifestreams) (with Todd Kelsey) (November 2020):


-- Article Seven (new infrastructure) (with Todd Kelsey) (December 2020):



Other Medium articles on related topics:


--"The Internet's Untapped Potential: Digital Stewardship” (July 2020):


-- “Unleashing the Power of Cryptodata” (September 2020):


-- “Secure Data Tokenization” (November 2020):


Academic and research articles:


-- “Hacking the SEAMs: Elevating Digital Autonomy and Agency for Humans” (December 2020): tbd


-- “Blockchain 3.0 – Secure Data Tokenization: A Primer and White Paper (with Luca Cosentino) (November 2020):


-- “From Thurii to Quayside: Creating Inclusive Blended Spaces in Digital Communities”

       (WORKING DRAFT) (October 2020):

-- "Making AI Work for Humans," (July, 2020).


-- “Digital Stewardship: An Introductory White Paper” (July 2020):


-- “Old School Goes Online” (February 2020):


-- “Democratizing AI: Ensuring human autonomy over our computational ‘screens, scenes, and unseens’” (July 2019; assembled and edited January 2020):





-- Ambition Data, “The right of customer data privacy” (November 2020):


-- CodeX at Stanford, Episode 8: “Don't be Evil” (September 2020):


-- Luxury Institute, “The Highly Profitable Journey from Privileged Access to Advanced Personalization” (with Luxury Institute’s Milton Pedraza and’s Julian Ranger) (June 2020):


-- Not Simple, “Human Agency in the Digital Era” (January 2020):



Conferences (recorded):


Responsible Data Summit, “Responsible Data Summit Panel” (July 2020):


Responsible Data Summit, “Hacking the SEAMs” (keynote) (July 2020):





Forbes interview, with Konstanze Frischen, Ashoka: “From Surveillance to Agency: How to Center the Internet on Humanity” (July 2020):



Policy Filings:

EU and AI - forthcoming